DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #68 Stephen 'Baggsy' Biagioni

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #67 Sebastian Fontjin

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #66 Mihkel Norman Tults

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #65 Mevlud Meladze

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #64 Krzysztof Romanowski


DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #62 Jakub Przygonski

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #61 Jacek Popiolek

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #60 Ingemārs Jēkabsons

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #59 Harold Valdma



DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #56 Dmitriy Illyuk

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #55 Calin Ciortan

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #54 Andrius Cibirka


DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #52 Bartosz Ostałowski is joining the 2018 DMEC grid! Following an accident at age 20, Bartosz, unfortunately, lost both his arms but that hasn't ceased his love of motorsport and now competes using only his feet! He is a true inspiration and is a testament to show everyone that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #51 Aleksandar Kantarovski is joining the 2018 DMEC 2018 grid! He may be the only Australian driver on the grid but this Aussie is known for his door on door, aggressive style that has seen him push some of the biggest names in drifting around the track. Once he can get his car dialled in for this season ahead, Europe definitely has a fight on its hands.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #50 Maciej Jarkiewicz is back for more DMEC action in 2018! With just over a month to go until we kick off the biggest season in European drifting

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #49 Victor and Linus Joensuu are set for a summer of DMEC action! The Swedish Drift Brothers may be family but if we see these two line up together in battle action, you can be assured that there is no love lost in order to get the win!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #48 Kenn Egtved is ready and waiting for DMEC 2018! the Danish driver and his insane insane Corvette are hitting the road this summer and ready to shred his way to the podium. He may be piloting American muscle but he is ready to claim European silverware!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #47 Tobiasz Puscian is joining the 2018 DMEC grid! He may have home advantage in Płock and Toruń this summer but when we head to Europe for the rest of the year, Tobiasz will need to bring his A-game to break through to the podium.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #46 Dariusz Fabisiak is on the 2018 DMEC grid! The Polish driver is known for his insane on the edge style on track but if he can reign that in this year, does he have what it takes to mix it up with the big boys of European drifting?

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #45 European Drift Champion Juha Poytalaakso is on the 2018 DMEC grid! He may have gone to battle in the DMEC before but this time he is back and ready for a full season in 2018 and that can only mean one thing...European domination!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #44 The Polish madman Bartosz Stolarski is back for more action in 2018! With a Top 10 finish under his belt in last years championship

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #43 Danish driver Mikkel Overgaard is back for more DMEC action! He may have killed our cones at Round 6 in Hockenheim last season but he was just warming up for what is to come in 2018!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #42 Andrius Vasiliauskas is joining the 2018 DMEC grid! The crazy Lithuanian has topped podiums all across the continent in the last few years and this season he faces his biggest challenge to date. Andrius has taken down the biggest names in European drifting before

Sergiy Kremets joins the 2018 DMEC grid!
The 2017 Ukrainian Drift Champion is heading into Europe and with a championship already under his belt, could he be claiming another this year?

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #41Thomas Highlander Grosse is back for more DMEC action in 2018! With 43 drivers now on the grid, the competition is heating up and even making it through to battle action will push competitors to their limits.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #40 Pawel Korpulinski is back and ready for more DMEC action in 2018!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #39 Christian Erlandsson and his insane GT86 are coming for blood at DMEC 2018! The Swedish driver has been ripping through competition across the continent and is ready to claim as much silverware this season.

The 2013 Danish drift champion joins Jimmi Hansen on the grid and puts Denmark on the map for this Drift Masters season!

Dennis Hansen (DH-Motorsport) joins the 2018 DMEC grid!
The 2015 Danish drift champion came to party at Riga last season and this year his back.

Nigel Colfer is ready to dominate DMEC 2018!
The drift veteran has competed all across the globe and has the silverware to back it up!

Kasper Kristensen is joining the 2018 DMEC grid!
The Danish driver joins fellow countryman Kim Mathiesen on the grid.

Matt Carter is ready and waiting for DMEC 2018!
The 2018 British Drift Champion and his Team Japspeed Pandem kitted R32 are heading into Europe! His domination in the UK last season was unrivalled and he is now ready to continue that form across the continent.

Kim Mathiesen is locked and loaded for DMEC 2018!
With a Danish driver confirmed and on the grid, we now have drivers from 122 countries ready and waiting for Riga baby!

Filippo Pirini and his insane MX-5 are ready for DMEC 2018!
He may be the only Italian on the grid so far...but will he be the last? We may have someone else in mind to be released.

Sebastian Engblom is the thirtieth driver to be confirmed for DMEC 2018

Milos Djordjevic is joining the 2018 DMEC grid!
He's the only Serbian driver confirmed for the season so far so he definitely flying the flag high for his home country

The French showman Jérôme Vassia is locked and loaded for DMEC 2018!
He may be the nicest guy when he's off track but get him behind the wheel and he becomes a whole different animal!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #27 Janis Eglite is back and ready for a full season of DMEC!The Latvian native will be taking a home advantage to Riga for Round 3 later in the year but if he wants that ever precious Drift Masters championship title, he'll be hunting for as many podiums as possible in 2018!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #26 Pawel Borkowski is ready and waiting for DMEC 2018! Your 2017 5th place finisher showed the consistency needed to be a top-ranked driver in Europe, but he won't be stopping there, he is coming for more.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #25 We are happy to confirm that Rene Portz and Axel Mack of Team GT Radial are back for DMEC 2018. We've seen Team GT Radial on track before, at Drift Masters but this season they're coming for more and ready for battle!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #24 The Polish dynamite Piotr Trojanek is back and ready for DMEC 2018! The 29-year-old drift veteran has been apart of Polish and European drifting since 2011 but has yet to stamp his name in the spotlight, but with a full DMEC season under his belt in 2018, could this be the turning point?

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #23 Enver Kaskasap will be on the DMEC 2018 grid! The Cypriot driver has traveled all across Europe in recent years with his insane DriftNeu S15 and 350z competing in the IDC, BDC and more and is now coming for Drift Masters Silverware.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #22 Daniel Janota is set to join DMEC 2018! The Czech Republic native will be piloting his turbo-powered BMW 1M across Europe this season against the biggest names in the business!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #21 Jim Olofsson is ready and waiting for DMEC 2018! The Simpson Athlete is an ambassador for safety on track but that won't stop him taking the risks he needs to get the win against some of the biggest names in European and World drifting.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #19 #20- AWESOME NEWS, FIRST TIME IN RIGA, FIRST TIME IN BIKERNIEKI RACE TRACK, LATVIA SPECTATORS, ARE YOU READY!?The Red Bull Drift Brothers are locked in for DMEC 2018! We are delighted to have brothers Joe and Elias Hountondji on the grid for Riga stage. Following on from podiums in the 2017 season.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #18 Tor Arne Kvia Drifting is now locked in for DMEC 2018!
The Norwegian youngster is joining an already stacked grid

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #17 Paweł Trela is joining the DMEC 2018 grid! The Polish drift superstar is set to take Europe by storm and ready to take down big names in the process.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #16 It's a Shanahan double team on the DMEC 2018 grid a Conor Shanahan is locked in! The 14-year-old drift phenom has blazed a trail through Ireland and the UK and has risen through the ranks in no time at all!Jack and Conor have gone head to head in battle before so you can be sure they won't let their family ties stand in the way of championship glory

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #15- Jas Borawski is locked in for the full 2018 season! Just 12 years old kid from Poland!DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #14-The 14th driver to join the DMEC 2018 grid is Polish drift veteran, Jerzy Teclaw!Jerzy has been a part of the Polish drift scene for over 10 years and has worked his way up through the ranks to now be doing battle against the biggest names in the business. Does he have what it takes for European domination? Let's find out!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #13 The weekend is here and let's start it right with the news that the Czech tyrekiller Michal Reichert is -all set for DMEC 2018!
The 900BHP BMW E92 M3 “Czech drift team” driver is a force to be reckoned with and will no doubt be lighting up his Westlake Tyres come June 1st.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #12 We're ready to reveal our first, but certainly not our last Norwegian driver joining the grid. We are delighted to have Daniel Saevik .competing at DMEC 2018 Daniel has ripped up Gatebil, Powerdrift and numerous series' in his career but the Drift Master European Championship is set to be his biggest challenge

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #11 - Let us kick start your week off just right with the news that Kajetan Rutyna (Net-Kam Drifting Team) and his insane 500hp AMG powered Mercedes-Benz 190 are back and ready for DMEC 2018! Kajetan is making sure the grid is filled with old school cool and that although drifting may be evolving, the machinery of old is still more than competitive against the biggest builds in the world!

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #10- Arguably the greatest drifter on the planet, "The Machine" James Deane. is locked in for DMEC 2018!With numerous Irish and European Drift Championships in the bag and a stunning dominance in the USA to clinch the 2017 Formula Drift Championship, James won't be taking his eye off competition on his home continent and is ready for war in 2018! Can anyone stop "The Machine"?

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #9 The next driver to be revealed for DMEC 2018 is none other than Ivo Cīrulis and his insane 2JZ powered E46. Ivo kicked off 2017 with a strong result in Poznan and went from strength to strength from there to secure 8th position in the championship!
DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #8- We're ready to kick off your week with the breaking news that Benediktas Čirba is ready and coming for blood this 2018 DMEC season!The Lithuanian lunatic finished in the Top 10 last season with solidly consistent results and is looking to step up his game this year.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #7 Dawid Karkosik is your seventh driver to be locked in and ready to join the 2018 DMEC grid. Dawid is stepping away from Team Budmat in 2018 and is looking to stamp his name on championship silverware this season after narrowly missing out in 4th position last season.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #6 Grzegorz Hypki from Drift Warriors is your sixth driver to take his place on the 2018 DMEC grid. The Polish Drift Warrior took home 2nd place in the 2017 Drift Masters Championship and will be pushing even harder in 2018 for more championship silverware.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #5 Want to kick those Monday blues? Well we have just what you need. We can confirm the V8 powered, 800hp, carbon fibre Ford Mustang of Brandy Brandner Drifting is locked in and ready for the 2018 DMEC season.

DMEC DRIVER REVEAL #4 Enjoying our Drift Masters European Championship driver reveals? Well here's another for you to bite into, as we can reveal that Irish Drift Championship champion Jack Shanahan will drive the entire DMEC season! Jack will undoubtedly be one to watch this summer, especially with whispers of a new car in the works to replace his championship winning Nissan S14A

DMEC 2018 DRIVER REVEAL #3 Our third 2018 Drift Masters European Championship driver reveal is here, and this time around it's Latvian superstar Ingus Jēkabsons joining our insane DMEC 2018 driver list. With home advantage for our Riga event, could Ingus be the one to win the 2018 championship?!

DMEC 2018 DRIVER REVEAL #2 Our second 2018 Drift Masters European Championship driver reveal takes us to Germany, as we can announce that German driver Max Heidrich #84

DMEC 2018 DRIVER REVEAL #1 Championship driver grid, starting with your 2017 Drift Masters GP Champion Adam "Rubik" Zalewski - fanpage! Can the Polish youngster put it up to the best drifters in the world and take home the championship for the second year in a row? Make sure you're tuned in to find out ...






In accordance with amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 16 „Methods of noise measurement and management”, dated January 7, 2014, the competitors have to respect the following rules:

·         “LATVIAN DRIFT CHAMPIONSHIP PRO CLASS TECHNICAL REGULATIONS 2017”, article 7 “7.1. Exhaust system - exhaust system starting from the cylinder head is not regulated, as long as the 100 dB(A) at 4500 RPM noise level (+5dB(A) possible error), measured in accordance with FIA noise measurement method, is not exceeded…”

Competitors must be able to modify the exhaust so that the noise level is decreased to meet these requirements if they are not met initially